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How the fabrics for our products are made

Creating a truly beautiful great British product is essential to us. We believe we've found the very best in British manufacturing to help us make our fabrics.


Firstly we start with our Wool. With help from our spinners, we source top quality Wool fleece for our ranges that we believe are up to the job and have the perfect characteristics for use in upholstery, soft furnishing and accessories. Specialising in using only 100% Wool fibre for our yarns, we ensure top quality, luxurious fabrics for all our ranges. 


With its naturally hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant, waxy coating it makes for a more stain resistant and anti static fabric. All these features make it an ideal material for home furnishings. Wool is a renewable, 100% natural, hardwearing, biodegradable resource. As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece without depleting finite natural resources. 


Creating the yarn is a very important stage in the production of our homewares. Choosing the right fleece to create the best yarn to make products that will last a lifetime. The raw fleece is first sent to the British Wool Board for grading and selling before scouring to remove dirt and impurities. The clean natural fleece is then sent to our spinners in Yorkshire to be carded.

The combs known as slivers disentangle and remove any remaining impurities, the result is a thin web of aligned fibres. These webs are then divided and rolled over one another to create a continuous rope of fibre known as roving. These are wound into a ball ready for spinning.

Spools of roving are mounted on the spinning frame, the ends of the roving are drawn through small rollers to extend the wool fibres still further. Then the spinning machines give repeated twists to the roving thus converting them into yarns having different properties of varying strength, firmness, size and ply. 


Once we have a colour theme in mind for our ranges, using the Pantone system we identify particular colour swatches to be sent for the dyers to replicate. Our dyers use acid dyes as this ensures that the wool retains its fibre strength once heated and treated. The dyes are chosen to give excellent light and contact fastness, which are all key aspects for the longevity of all our products. Once the sample colours have been dyed, Adriana works very closely with the dyers to tweak each shade until satisfied to achieve the unique colours that we use today. 


With our sample dyed yarns Adriana gets creative and experiments with different colour ways, patterns and details. When the sample designs are perfected we send all the technical information to our local state of the art weavers. From here we see the designs brought to life. At the end of the weaving process, our fabric is carefully checked and mended where necessary to ensure that only the highest quality is achieved and ready to leave the mill. 

It is all coming together now as we are at the last stage in the process before the fabric is returned to us at our Leeds Studio. The woven fabric is then washed using Yorkshire Water is perfect for the finishing process as it is classed as soft. All our fabrics require minimum finishing due to the quality of the yarn we use. 

The fabric is now at its very best and is delivered to our studio in Leeds where we hand make it into the beautiful products available to you, our customers.