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10 wonderful reasons why wool is this year’s Winter staple


Wool Week

Part of the national Campaign for Wool, the celebrations officially began in October 2010. The Campaign is a global community of sheep farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and consumers united by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

It aims to educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life. This, in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry.

10 Reasons top Pick Wool

I am particularly passionate about the use of British Wool within our product ranges, which includes super-soft throws, country-inspired cushions and stylish scarves. I've outlined 10 reasons why wool should be this year’s winter staple.

  1. 100% natural- There is nothing man-made about this fabric, it comes from sheep – our wool comes from the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep and is prized for its softness. 
  2. It’s super soft!- The wool of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep has longer fibres which produces a yarn with a beautiful silky sheen. It is perfect for new-born baby blankets, a stunning sofa throw or even a luxurious scarf.
  3. Completely renewable and sustainable- Wool is a by-product of sheep shearing which needs to happen to keep the sheep healthy. As long as they have grass to graze on, each sheep will produce a new fleece annually without depleting finite natural resources.
  4. Recyclable– 100% wool can be recycled back into new yarn or felted into a new item entirely. For wool fibre which has reached the end of its useful life, it can be returned to the soil where it composts and adds nutrients.
  5. Hypoallergenic– Wool is naturally hypoallergenic. The fibres absorb and desorb moisture which creates an environment hostile to the growth of dust mites and bacteria. 
  6. Insulator– It helps to regulate our temperature, keeping us warm when it’scool and cool when it’s warm. When used in the home, it can help to reduce energy use and costs.
  7. Flame retardant– Wool has a high nitrogen and water content, meaning it has a high ignition threshold and does not melt.
  8. Durable– Wool lasts. With good care, a woollen item can be timeless both in style and longevity. The fibres resist tearing and are naturally elastic, and when crafted into a product, will hold the appearance without wrinkling or stretching.
  9. Stain resistant– Wool is naturally covered in Lanolin, a waxy protective layer which helps to prevent staining and is also anti-static.
  10. It looks amazing– Wool has a stunning natural lustre which gives a very desirable look. The colours don’t fade easily, and the fabric drapes beautifully. 


The Campaign for Wool is a global community seeking to “educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life”. It celebrates its 10th anniversary from 5-18 October 2020. 

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